It might seem like an unlikely combination but sometimes God works in a way that is out of this world. A small town Southern Minnesotan girl with a heart as big as the sea and a big dreaming South African who just wouldn’t quit. 

Wynn - It was a Saturday afternoon at around 2 pm. I walked into a church auditorium and sat down in the back row and just watched and waited. I had signed up for the worship team auditions at this big multi=site church in Minneapolis MN just a week before; six months after moving from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States. I had no idea what I was doing other than I had dreamed of being a part of this kind of ministry since 4 years prior when I became a committed Christian. I looked up on stage and there was a full 8 piece band and these guys were talented as heck! In the front row of the auditorium was this dark haired strikingly beautiful lady; eyes filled with energy and passion for what was about to happen. She clearly loved what she was doing and it was contagious! Another 5 minutes later, I heard my name being called and just like that one of the greatest adventures of my life was about to start. I got on the platform and was handed a mic, I looked at the director, looked down at all the sheet music that was out in front of me and said “Where is the lyrics in all this?” When I said I had no idea what I was doing, I meant it! I couldn’t read music, had no idea what the Nashville number system was; but I knew how to open my mouth and let the spirit lead me in worship so I can lead others. I moved the music sheets aside and did just that. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Denise: I have memories of running around on our farm in Southern Minnesota, fond memories of great and close family times. My parents would get me to sing church hymns on long car rides on our way to church each Sunday because it would keep me from fidgeting to much. Never did I ever imagine what was to come and little did they know that in those car rides and in those church services God was bring up a worshiper. I never really had a plan to be a director or a worship leader in a church, big or small. I just wanted to sing, act and dance! The church gave me that outlet, and when I went through a dramatic life experience in my early years a friend suggested that I join the church choir at this big multi-site church in Minneapolis MN. So I did and the main thing that I could remember was how nervous I was that I wasn’t going to be good enough or that I wouldn’t fit in there, but again God always knew what he was doing and so He started using music and worship to heal me from the biggest heart break I have ever experienced. A few years in I joined the Contemporary worship team and now had to sing on a mic and put myself out there in a way that I really never wanted to. Again God’s grace was bigger! The music Pastor moved on to another church and before I knew it I found myself appointed as the new Music Director for Contemporary Worship at this enourmous church. I still can‘t believe that happened. So there I was holding this audition for new worship leaders and I was really looking for people that were not afraid to step up and really lead worship, not just sing songs but LEAD worship, out of a authentic heart with energy and a lot of passion. Up came this guy who couldn’t read music and looked like he had never held a microphone before, I couldn’t place why but something about this felt right and when he began to sing I knew what it was, this guy wasn‘t singing, he was leading this room into the presence of God and I wanted in! So I jumped up on the platform, grabbed a mic and we led worship and you know what, we have been leading together ever since! 

Wynn & Denise are super excited to share new and inspired worship songs that God has brought to them out of His heart and theirs. Join the adventure, it has just began and the best is yet to come!