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What a few years! In the last 3 years we have moved 6 times, 2 of those times were long distance. We went through a massive storm flood that took everything from us and left us with just some clothes on our back and a mattress to sleep on. We have learned who our real friends are, we have learned that there is no such thing as the perfect church, we have learned that praying for wisdom brings a whole set of challenges. 

That said, when life gets tough and stormy, thats the time to break out your guitar and voice and worship like you have never worshipped before and in doing that we have recognized a whole bunch of new songs in our hearts. We are excited because for the first time, moving forward we can truly say that we are a husband/wife team. We are putting all our individual strengths and skills together for the greater good of our ministry. We are writing in a way that includes both of us as the worship leaders we are, and we have made a huge shift in the way that we write new music. In the past you would have thought of us as a Christian contemporary solo act, however all the new songs we are working on and getting ready to show the world and the church, is pure worship music, created and written specifically for worship. Whether in your car, on your beach towel, reflecting, or in church led by a worship team that you love. 

The bottom line is,; We took some time to reflect, to get some life under our belt and even learn just a little more humility and I think you are all going to love the result. We hope that you will hear it in our lyrics and feel it in the Spirit as these songs lead you all into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is speaking and we are choosing to listen. Don't hesitate, join us in this brand new exciting chapter in our journey and don't be afraid to get involved in ways not yet seen.